We Need Your Support

Our program directly benefits the Midland Community by providing volunteer and work experience opportunities to groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. We work with people with disabilities, at risk youth and adults and can offer employment opportunities to people that want to work but have a hard time finding jobs. Over the past 27 years, Midland Recyclers has been able to help the environment and improve the quality of life of people right here in our community!

Your financial support is needed to help Midland Recyclers continue to offer Midland Area residents, agencies and businesses the recycling, educational, volunteer and work experience opportunities that they have come to depend on!


Esther Williams

Executive Director

Your Donation is Vital to Our Success

Midland Recyclers is a non-profit organization and your donation is 100% deductible!

  • $1,000 Corporate Recycler
  • $500 Business Recycler
  • $200 “Hard Core” Recycler
  • $100 Gold Recycler
  • $50 Blue Recycler
  • $25 Green Recycler
  • $_____ Recycling Enthusiast